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          TaiZhou WanHe Sanitary Co.,Ltd.is located in Linhai Zhejiang Province, convenient transport and economically developed. WanHe has lots of experience and good technology in producing the toilet seat. Annual output of toilet seat reaches 1.3 million sets. Main product series include: mould toilet seat, wood toilet seat, printing toilet seat, MDF toilet seat, PVC toilet seat, polyresin toilet seat. All items with good quality and noted for variety and novelty, are sold to over fifty countries, such as USA, Germany, France , UK, ltaly, etc.
          In the fierce market competition, the company is in line with the quality first, the highest principle of prestige , consistently offer the novel , high-quality , reliable products and fine service to the customer. Our company insists on the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit all the time, the reputation first is a principle, welcome the presence of domestic and international friends and guests wholeheartedly patronage.


          Address: QianWangQiao Industrial Zone, KuoCang Town, LinHai, Zhejiang, China, 317028
          Tel: 0086-576-85857928
          Fax: 0086-576-85857928
          Service Hotline:
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